Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paid Job Interview

I had been out of work for several months and money was getting short, then whilst browsing the internet I saw an advert; 'Personal Security Guard, must be prepared for very close contact, an interactive interview where candidates will be paid for attendance and depending on their performance. The amount will vary, any high scores will be required for a further interview'.

Great, I will get paid just for turning up, and being fit and a little previous security experience I could perform well so I emailed my application with the two required pictures, a head shot and full body. The following day I recieved a response. 'Please attend my apartment, details below at 16:00 Monday'.

Let me tell you a bit about myself, I am mid 30's, 5'10", keep fit, shave my chest and balls and keep my pubic hair very short. I had never had any bi-sexual encounters but have recently been curious to know what another cock would feel like in my hands. I am also a bit of an exhibitionist as I like to be naked wherever possible and like the thought of someone seeing me.

Monday came by very quickly and 4pm on the dot I rang the door bell. I was introduced to Dan who explained he will be conducting the interview.

"Please can you remove your shoes and belt and empty your pockets into this box, I will need to search you before we start". I did as instructed, Dan felt my shirt round the back then as he came to the front I was sure he actually rubbed my nipples. He then proceeded to run down each of my legs and as he came up my left leg he rubbed my groin for a few seconds longer than necessary. Though unusual I actually started to feel aroused and could feel my cock start to grow.

Dan showed me around the apartment and the back garden explaining that I was to look for potential security breaches and that I would be required to complete a number of tasks that would each score from 1-10.

Task One, "A number of clients will need to be protected at a moments notice which include covering the possibility of gun fire, I am going to position myself and you must protect all vital parts". He then moved to a dining room chair and sat down. What have I got to lose, so I sat on his lap. "Very Good", Dan then leaned against a wall to which I proceeded to half cuddle him, "And finally.." he walked out to his garden and relaxed on a sun bed. I climbed on top of him and as I did he grabbed my arse and squeezed.

"Ok, now task Two; some of our clients like to attend health suites which require removing your clothing, are you comfortable with that?" I enjoy showing off my body so I thought why not "Yes, I am"

Dan then sat down in a dining room chair near the garden entrance "I would like you to move to an area of the apartment where I can still see you and take off a piece of clothing"

I moved to the kitchen door and took off my socks. "Ok, now repeat in another position". I proceeded to the lounge area and slowly removed my shirt. "And again". Although I was nervous I felt comfortable around Dan and as it was hot I walked out to the Garden and pulled off my jeans, leaving me in just my boxers, this excited me, not just because of Dan but that a neighbour may also see, I could feel my cock begin to grow. I think Dan also noticed and beckoned me to him. "To get full marks everything must go" as he put his fingers in my boxers and pinged them.

I was tempted to call it a day, but I really needed the money and I was feeling aroused thinking about being naked in front of a stranger so I stepped back out into the sunlight and pulled down my boxers. My cock grew instantly hard which resulted in a "Wow" from Dan.

"Top marks for that, the next task will require this blind fold to ensure you have good sensory skills. I will touch you with something and you have to say what it is and where you feel it on your body"

I was totally aroused, my cock still rock hard wondering where this might lead, I put the blindfold on. Standing in the middle of the lounge waiting, it seemed ages and as I was about to lift the blind fold I could feel Dan approach me. Suddenly I felt something really cold against my nipples, Dan must be holding an ice-cube. "You're rubbing ice over my nipples"

"Good, now what about this" I could feel some flesh against my thighs, I thought for a few seconds and it clicked, Dan must have removed his clothes "Your cock is rubbing my thigh" I said.

"Very Good, now one more" I could sence Dan kneeling down and breathe against my hard cock, then his tongue licked my shaft 'Oh my God a guy is going to give me a blowjob'

Of all the blow jobs I'd had this immediately feel better then any other, I'd have never thought that another man could suck me better than any of the experiences I had with women before him, it felt so gently and encompassing, he sucked me gently as he slid further down my hard shaft and I knew that the time between now and my orgasm was not going to take long. After only a few more moments, with my balls pulling up taught, my breathing became extremely quick and irregular, and then it happened. My cock quivered violently in his mouth, splashing at least a dozen generous shots of hot, salty semen into his starving mouth. He swallowed as I filled him, taking every last drop.

I wanted to return the favour and taste some cock for the first time ever. I slowly descended to my knees, stroking him and wanting to give him the best blow job I could. I continued to play and explore his cock with my hands – this opportunity still being a totally rare for me and I was taking full advantage to get acquainted with the feeling of having another man's equipment to handle. I knew by this time that I had to taste it. I had my right hand stroking the shaft and my left caressing his balls. I leaned over the head and slowly dropped down on it with my tongue and ran it over his thick head. I licked it a few more times, finally going from tip to base and back again, and then in swirling strokes around his hard cockhead. My saliva was starting to spread, and his pulsing prick was soon coated with a thin layer of it. Every three or four strokes I'd pop it out and lick all around it, getting his giant cock wetter and wetter with my saliva and his precum.

Soon his moans were getting louder and closer together, and his balls were pulling up. He was gonna cum, I wanted it all over me, Dan groans and a massive stream shoots into my hungry mouth. Several more streams of his cum shoot unto my face hitting my chin and forehead. His warm cum on my face feels so good.

We cleaned up and Dan gave me an envelope with a nice wad of cash along with a note saying I'd got through to the second round of interviews
 by liketoshow74

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