Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hotel Threeway

It had been too long since I'd had a cock in my mouth so when my wife scheduled a girls' weekend, I decided that would be the perfect opportunity for me to get out and play. She planned to be away at the coast from Friday through Monday. When I got home from work on Friday, she had already left and I knew I could spend the entire weekend however I wanted.

I disregarded the frozen pizza she'd left for my dinner and instead took a nice relaxing shower and then poured myself a scotch. Then I sat down at the computer, buck ass naked and started perusing some porn sites to get in the mood. It didn't take long for me to sport some major wood. Jerking off was entertaining enough, looking at the titties, pussies, cocks, assholes and all, but I held off, not wanting to lose my excitement.

I clicked over to craigslist for a while and checked out the ads. I also opened up a gay chat site where I had a brief profile and picture posted. Finding a room for guys in my area, I hung out and posted comments and took IMs from a few guys. Then a name popped into the room and the guy posted that he and his married buddy were barebacking in a local hotel and were looking for a third who might want to join. I'm always cautious and prefer sex on the safe side, but this time I pinged the guy and said hello. He responded right away and asked about my stats and if I was interested. I found out the guys were also in their 40's. My chat friend was single and a top, his buddy married and mostly bottom. They considered themselves bi but really into hot man2man. I replied that I was white, 48, 6', 230, married and not so much into getting fucked but interested enough to watch and possibly suck some cock. He said they would both love to have me join them and told me which hotel and room number.

Luckily it was very near. I put on some clothes, jumped in the car and was in the lobby in 20 minutes. I very nearly chickened out on the ride up the elevator and walking down the hallway. But I found myself knocking on the door and a second later it opened and a voice invited me inside. As I stepped in, I was greeted warmly by Roger who was naked and clearly ready to play with his erection sticking straight at me. He was a decent looking guy, but a little on the skinny and bony side. There was nothing skinny about his cock though. Long and thick, it looked very much out of proportion to his lean physique. I much prefer my men more like me, on the stocky side with some meat on them. But cock is cock and I was ready to suck.

He ushered me into the room and introduced me to Mark, his married friend who was also naked stretched out on a couch, legs splayed open revealing a respectable cock that was hard and two balls which he was rubbing while nursing a drink. I thought, this is really looking up, as Mark fit exactly the kind of male body I enjoy. He looked to be almost my double in body and cock size, lightly hairy and similar coloring.

Roger poured me a drink and invited me to relax while he and Mark continued their business. As I sipped my drink and disrobed, Roger told Mark to suck his cock. Mark slipped onto his knees and crawled over to Roger and started stroking the big fat cock that I'd spotted when I first walked in. Leaning in, Mark took Roger's ball into his mouth and then slowly worked his way up and along the underside of his thick meat. I couldn't believe how much bigger Roger got and Mark worked his sexy mouth on those balls and cock. It was clear at this point the Roger was a bit dom and Mark was more sub.

By now I was naked and I was horny enough that I wanted in on the action. I knelt down next to Mark and pressed my face into Rogers cock, inserting my tongue where I could. Mark worked over to one side allowing me access to the other side of Rogers cock. Clumsily at first, but soon getting into a rhythm, we both licked along opposite sides and the top and bottom of Roger's fat cock. At one point we ended up working in the same direction and our tongues met at the tip. When I didn't pull away the first time, I think Mark lingered longer the next time and when our tongues met again we ended up licking each other as much as Roger.

This was clearly have a positive effect on him, as Roger's cock was dripping good amounts of precum which we eagerly shared in our brief kisses and the tip.

"OK, I'm ready to fuck. Mark, get your pussy up there now!" Roger ordered.

Mark got up on the bed while I took over and swallowed as much of Roger as I could. While I took advantage of sucking that huge cock and slurping it loudly and making it good and wet, Mark got on his knees and stuck his beefy ass up in the air and spread his legs wide to reveal his hot, sexy asshole.

I released Roger's dick from my mouth and looked up at him and said, "Let me get him ready for you!"

Reluctantly, I let go of Roger and crawled to the edge of the bed so my face was level with Mark's upturned ass. I licked my lips at the sight of his beautiful rosebud and I swear it must have winked at me. I leaned in and ran my tongue up and down along the inside of his butt cheeks but then quickly directed my tongue right for the bull's-eye. Mark moaned as I licked his asshole and nearly jumped when I stiffened and pushed my tongue inside. The taste of his hole was amazing and soon I became intoxicated as I ate this beautiful man out. I must have been lost because I'd forgotten Roger, who became impatient and barked, "Enough, you faggots. I wanna fuck."

I moved aside and Roger came up and slid easily into Mark's ready hole. All the lube from my saliva must have made it easy as neither expressed the least amount of discomfort. Instead, Mark just groaned and Roger grunted approvingly.

I was amazed as I'd never witnessed anal sex from that point of view. I had to get a look and leaned in to get closer. It was difficult to see anything clearly for long as Roger was pushed all the way into Mark. Wanting to get in on the action, I figured what the hell and maneuvered into position under Mark in a 69. He eagerly took me into his mouth while I took him. With my mouth stuffed full of cock I was treated to the most amazing sight of the biggest cock ever sliding in and out of one of the prettiest assholes ever.

Mark must have been really enjoying getting fucked and blown and soon I felt his cock swell in my mouth. I wanted to pull back so that he could cum on my tongue and let me taste it but Roger's fucking had increased in speed and intensity and made it impossible for me to adjust. Instead, Mark's cock exploded in my mouth sending his sperm straight down my throat. I nearly choked as I swallowed his spoo.

No sooner than Mark was cumming but Roger started making grunting noises and yelled, "You fucking bitch!" and I could tell he's was cutting lose up Mark's ass. I could feel the spasms transmitted from Roger through Marks asshole and cock and I watched as the big cock throbbed, pumping cum for what seemed like forever. Finally, Roger was spent and nearly collapsed but kept his slowly deflating cock where it was. Mark had softened enough for me to move my face but he never stopped working his mouth on my cock. Though I was very close to cumming myself, I didn't want it to end and tried to hold off.

But, then Roger finally pulled out of Mark and quickly I got to see the enormity of the load he'd just left. His cum quickly started oozing out of Mark's sphincter. It was such a wickedly hot thing to see and I leaned my head up and lapped up a trail of Roger sperm that had dripped down Mark's taint towards his balls. Then I pressed my lips to Mark's wet, freshly fucked asshole and stuck my tongue and began to suck the cream out of my new friend. This was all it took and I unloaded into Mark's mouth with spurt after spurt of pent up cum.

Roger made a rude remark about what faggots we were and headed off towards to bathroom and I could hear him start a shower. In the meantime, Mark spun around on top of me and looked me in the eye. His lips and mouth we covered in sperm as I'm sure was mine. Soon we were licking each others' faces and French kissing wildly, swapping each others' cum and his anal creampie. We were still making out when Roger left, but we didn't care. We kept the hotel room the rest of the weekend making love the entire time. It turns out, Mark lives in the next town over and we plan to get together as much as possible
 by thomb69

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