Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First anal in car

I have always been attracted to anal play, in my youth age I know that I love massaging my own anal and stick my finger in my anal which makes me horny. then  i started watching gay porn which makes me hard all the time. that is when i tell myself i must be involve in gay anal sex at least once in my life.
Since then I spend most of my time looking through gay videos and looking for every info regarding anal sex until I came across a gay dating site. i created an account and very soon i was chatting with a guy (which is also the first guy to take my virginity, lets name the guy 'A').
I told 'A' that i want someone to give me my first anal fucking, and immediately he agrees and we plan for a meeting.
A suggest that we play in his car in an empty parking lot in a nearby shopping complex near my house, that time I did not know that having sex in a car is very uncomfortable, but it is my first time so i did not think much and agrees.
I drove to the shopping complex and park a little far from it, just incase i don't  bump into someone i know. Then I call him to look for his car where he park nearby.
When i got into the car his first impression to me is that he is a very tall guy with average body and normal looks. We talk awhile and then he drove into the parking area. He parked to a emptier parking slot and in a dark corner. That time I was very nervous and scare that someone will notice us playing in the car.
Once he parked the car, he looks around to confirm there are no one near the area and then he jump into the back seat to cover up the windows with dark papers so that no one can see.
Once he is done covering up, he ask me to jump to the back seat. That time there is someone around the car, i stopped and told A that someone is nearby cause he is in the backseat and the windows are covered, he cant see who is outside the car. So i told A to wait until that guy is gone.
While waiting, he took of his pants and reveal his cock.  This is the first time I see another man's cock and that moment i was straight hard. He stroke his cock and I can see that it is a huge cock, around 7 inch. In my mind I know it is gonna hurt.
That guy stood for like 10mins outside the car and I know A is very impatience, I can see he is rushing me go start playing.
Once the coast is clear, i jump into the backseat and take off my pants and underwear. Very quickly he hugged me and began sucking my nipples and my lower body.
Actually I'm not comfortable with body licking, i wanted to slightly push him away but he is very strong so i cant do anything but to let him play with my body. After a while, he push me down and ask me to lay down on the seat. He grab my already hard cock and put it in his mouth, this is the first time I get an oral and it felt very good.
He keeps sucking and playing with my nipple for about 10mins.
After that he stop and ask me if i wanted his cock in my ass. Well that is what i wanted after all so I say yes please.
He ask me to get on my knee, my right knee is on the floor and my another knee on the seat and spread my ass. I know he suppose to give me a fingering and lossen up my  hole after all it is my first time being anally fucked.
But he did none of those, he did not even wear a condom. which makes me worries that he might transmit some disease to me but that is too late.
I spread my ass revealing my virgin hole and he position himself behind me, we are in a doggy style position. he spit some saliver on my anal, use his cock to rub it against my hole for awhile and after that he push his 7inch cock straight into my hole.
I feel the pain straight away and move away but he pressed down on me and told me the pain is normal, and the pain will gone after awhile. 
It was really pain after all there are tight holes.  He stuck his 7inch deep in me and instead of fucking smooth and slowly, he pump me hard and rough, I was in very much pain until I could not enjoy being fucked.  The rough style fucking lasted for around 10mins and he cum inside of me.
He put it in my hole for awhile before he takes it out and clean it.  My asshole was so sore and i could not feel anything.
We rested awhile and put back our pants and drove to the exit. He ask me how was it and I don't know what to answer.
I smile and say it was painful but great and then i got off the car and went back.
After the first time I know much more of anal sex and being a bottom. First time isn't what I think it is...

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