Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trip to Boston

I always knew I was different from my friends, but it was not until we were in high school before I knew how different. We would get a hold of some girly magazines and check out the pictures. I found myself looking at the girls nails, makeup and how nice and feminine they looked, while my friends would be looking and saying how much they would like to fuck this one or that one. They liked looking at the girls’ tits, ass, and pussy. I was always more turned on when they had a hot guy with them. I liked to look at the guy and think how I wished I could be the girl getting to suck or fuck these hot studs.
One day my friends had notice how I seemed to like the guys more. They gave me the magazine turned to a page with a hot naked guy on one page and nothing but writing on the other page. When I kept looking at the guy they took the magazine and asked what I thought f the girl on the page. I said she was hot. They laughed and began to tease me for looking at the naked guy. I do not know where or how they got it but they handed me a playgirl. They told me I might enjoy looking at it more than I like looking at the girls. I protested but kept the playgirl. I really did like looking at the men. My friends began calling me PG for playgirl after that.
After a few years, my friends were no longer teasing me about the playgirl, I guess they either forgot or figured I had grown out of my looking at guys. We all remained close friends through high school after graduating we decided to take a road trip to Boston to see the Red Sox for the weekend. We loaded the car and drove down to Boston and got there in time for the Friday night game. The game went into extra innings so we went right to the hotel after the game.
Saturday the game was early afternoon. The game was not very exciting after the night before. The game was over by 330 pm. We decided to go to the infamous combat zone, the area of the city known for porn theaters, strip clubs and adult bookstores. I was nervous at first, but after the first bookstore I loosened up. I decided to check out some of the peep booths. I found out they had gay and straight movies. I watched the gay movies while my friends watched the straight ones.
In the second ABS, I went right for the booths and found one with only gay movies. As I walked out one of my friends, Pete went in; as soon as the movie started he came back out saying holy shit that is a gay movie. I tried to deny I had been watching that one. When the movie stopped my other friend Mitch tried the other movie and it was also gay. My friends now knew for sure I had been watching gay movies. Sam looked at me and asked how I could watch a movie like that. I shrugged and said it was the movies I liked to watch. I was really afraid they would kick me out when we got back to the hotel I had shared the bed with Sam, and he was so discussed that I liked to watch gay movies, I was now afraid I would be out on the street in a strange area.
The ride back to the hotel was very quiet; no one said a word for about half the ride. Mitch broke the silence “why do you like watching men have sex with other men.” I didn’t answer right off, afraid of what to say.
Sam asked “have you ever had sex with other men.”
I said no.
“Good I knew you weren’t gay.”
I shook my head no. “I haven’t had sex with another man yet only because we are from such a small town I have never had the chance to.”
Mitch asked “would you be the one sucking cock or being sucked?”
“I would like to try both, but I think I would prefer to give blow jobs.”
Sam “that is gross.”
“Why, don’t you like to get blowjobs?”
Sam “Yeah but from girls”
Mitch “How would you be able to tell”
Sam “Mitch, are you defending him, would you let a guy blow you?”
Mitch “we all knew he liked to look at guys when we were in middle school. Sam you are the one who gave him the playgirl. Now you are confused. He has always been attracted to men.”
As Pete pulled into the hotel parking lot, he looked at me in the mirror and said “if you really want to give head, I’ll go first.”
I was stunned “what?”
Pete “You can blow me if you want to”
We went into the hotel room and Pete said he was going to take a shower. As he stripped before going into the bathroom he looked over and asked if I wanted to give my first blowjob or not. Mitch and Sam looked at me and chimed here’s your chance.
I walked into the bathroom with Pete. I had seen Pete’s cock many times in the locker room but this was the first time I got to see it fully erect. I always figured he had a nice cock about seven inches, but he is over eight and thicker than I had imagined. He turned to face me and I knelt in front of him taking his goose egg sized balls in my left hand as I began to kiss and lick his big purple mushroom head. It felt velvety smooth on my tongue. His musky scent made my head spin as I parted my lips to slide his head into my mouth. He felt so good in my mouth. I slid my lips up and down over his big fat hard cock. It felt amazing better than I had imagined.
I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock giving special attention to the ridge connecting the head with the shaft. I would then slide my lips up and down over his shaft taking his head deeper into my mouth. I worked my mouth over his shaft 12-15 times before moving back up to the head of his cock to swirl my tongue around his head and to lick the pre cum as it began to flow from the tip of his head. I then began to slide my lips over his shaft again. I was soon is a steady rhythm
I felt Pete getting close and wanted my first blow job to last longer so I slid my lips off his cock and began to kiss my was down to his goose egg size fuzzy balls. I flicked my tongue out and licked his right nut first before kissing, licking and sucking it into my mouth. It filled my mouth and felt wonderful. When I was ready I moved to his left nut and again took my time to savor the taste and aroma of his manly nuts. I took care to give each one the special attention they deserved.
Once I was sure he was no longer ready to shoot his load, I began to kiss and lick my way back up to the mushroom cap at the top of his long thick shaft. I licked the pre cum as it oozed out and covered the head of his rock hard cock. mmm it tasted so good, I knew I could never get enough. My tongue lapped up his pre cum as fast as I could. As my lips slid down over his shaft, my tongue licked the pre cum from his shaft. I was soon back in a rhythm sliding my lips over his shaft then my tongue swirling over the head searching more pre cum. I was soon lost in my lust as my lips continued to travel further down his shaft as my tongue continued to lick the underside of his shaft.
I was surprised when my face pressed into his bush as his entire length was buried down my throat. I felt Pete’s hands on the back of my head pulling me onto his cock. He thrust his cock deeper down my throat as he began to shoot his load down my throat. He must have shot at least six ropes of cum down my throat before I had to pull off his cock to breath. He quickly filled my mouth as I swallowed as fast as I could. I continued to slide my lips over his cock until I was sure I had drained in balls completely. When he was done he thanked me for the great blow job and stepped into the shower.
I licked his cum from my lips before walking out of the bathroom. Sam and Mitch were watching a game on TV. Mitch asked if I had enjoyed my first blow job. I smiled and said I had enjoyed it very much. Sam asked if Pete had enjoyed it as much as I had. I smiled and said by the volume I would say oh yeah he enjoyed it. Sam looked like he had something on his mind but didn’t say anything. I was feeling much braver now so I looked Sam and Mitch and asked if either of them wanted to go next. I was surprised when they both stood up and said do us.
I knelt between them as they dropped their shorts to their ankles. They were both hard as their cocks sprang free. Sam seemed to want me to begin on him as he pushed his six and a half inch cock with a slight upward curve into my face. The head of his cock was more of a button shape at the end of is two inch thick shaft. I kissed the tip of his head as my tongue began to flick out licking and tickling the head of his cock. I slid the head of his cock through my lips into my mouth. I was able to take his full length easily into my mouth and throat. I bobbed my head up and down over his cock a few times before sliding my lips off Sam’s cock. I took his cock in my right hand and stroked him gently.
I turned my attention to Mitch who was standing to my left. Mitch’s cock was about seven inches and thicker than Sam’s. Mitch was cut with a bluish purple mushroom shaped head, which glistened with pre cum. His shaft was covered with thick veins. I kissed the tip of his cock as my tongue flicked over the head of his hard cock. I slide my lips over the head of his cock and down the shaft. He felt so good in my mouth. I slid my lips up and down the length of his cock a few times before I slid my lips off his cock and took it in my left hand as I gently stroked him as I moved my lips to Sam’s cock.
I slid my lips over Sam’s head as my tongue swirled around the button shaped head licking up the pre cum as it oozed out the tip of his cock. His pre cum tasted so good, sweet and salty at the same time I wanted more. I could feel Sam’s hips begin to thrust into my face as I continued use my lips and tongue to bring him closer to shooting his load. I continued to move my lips over his cock for a few minutes before again sliding my lips off his cock to move back to Mitch, while I began to stroke Sam again.
Mitch’s cock was oozing pre cum when my tongue began to lick up as much of his sweet pre cum as I could get. I could tell the way he began to move his hips and the way he was oozing pre cum I would be able to get him off very soon. I decided to get Mitch off now so I could give Sam my full attention and the best blow job of his life. I took a deep breath before going all the way down on his cock as my tongue continued to lick the underside.
I increased the speed of my lips sliding over his thick pole. I heard him grunt as he thrust deep down my throat as the first of eight ropes of thick white cum erupted down my throat. I continued to lick his cock as his orgasm began to subside. When I had drained the last of his load I slid my lips off his cock and moved back to Sam’s cock.
I eagerly moved my lips to the head of Sam’s cock as my tongue swirled around his head in search of the pre cum I knew was coating his big cock. I licked and nibbled the head of his cock before I slid my lips to the base of his cock. I focused on giving Sam the best blow job ever. I used my tongue and lips on the head of his cock before I would slide my lips down over his shaft to take him as deep as I could.
I felt him getting close to shooting his load and I pulled off his cock to lick and work on his balls. When I was sure he was no longer ready to cum I went back up to his cock. I brought his to the point he was ready to cum only to back off to keep him from the relief I knew he needed three more times.
Sam was almost begging me to make him cum when I finally decided he was ready to cum. I swirled my tongue over his head lapping up his pre cum before I dove down on his shaft. I took him all the way down my throat bobbing my head over his cock. I felt his hands on the back of my head pulling my head closer to him and pushing his cock further down my throat. Sam let out a loud moan as he exploded a huge load down my throat.
Pete came out of the bathroom as Sam began to shoot his load into me. As Sam’s orgasm subsided, Pete asked if he still thought getting a blow job like that was gross. Mitch chimed in it was the best blow job he had ever had. Sam agreed it was the best he had ever had as well. Pete said it’s unanimous I guess I did give the best blow jobs. I told them I thought I would like a shower before I decide if I want to offer seconds. When I came out of the shower I found out they were all looking for more. Let me know if you would like to hear more: btm.m2m2007 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Author : David Jones

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